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Reynolds American Inc.: Employer Brand Innovation

How Might We...

How Might We...

Inspire belief in the company, appreciation of its culture and its mission?


Our client, a marketer on rotation in HR for a tobacco company, had to establish a net new employer brand—something she hadn't done previously. We reframed the brief to imagine consumer-fidelity brand identity and marketing communications both inside and outside the business, to ensure an immediate and dramatic step change.


We interviewed tenured employees, new hires and candidates who rejected employment offers to uncover why people joined and stayed with the company and the barriers to securing new talent.

We executed workshops with stakeholders, gathered perspectives across all functions and completed benchmarking analysis to establish a North Star brand direction with a compelling, ownable identity.

Building with the lead client and project team, we brought together a brand architecture, creative direction, messaging, and plug n' play assets for a multi-year campaign and communications program.


"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenching faith in their mission, can alter the course of history," said Mahatma Gandhi.

The collective commitment of the client, the CHRO and the CEO's desire to reinvigorate employer brand pride, as well as their belief in the company vision, opened up possibilities.

The solution required realizing an inspiring, ownable and arresting embodiment of a value proposition that not only sells the brand story but is a constant call to action to the consumer for belonging and pride in the brand. Only in this case both the applicant and employee were the consumer.


  • Strategic Messaging Frameworks for key audiences and use cases
  • Intuitive & innovative self-service creative design system crafted to cover 42 touch points
  • 7% increase in employee engagement scores—lifting the business to the Fortune 500's 90th percentile
  • 30%+ improvement across multiple Glassdoor focus dimensions

Client Quote

The employer brand and culture work you're doing has inspired the HR LT, our employees & improved engagement. It's a game-changer.

VP Talent & Engagement