The Mighty Shed is an independent cultural foresights, strategy and innovation partner to ambitious companies looking to maximise their growth potential.

We help clients achieve the short-term wins that drive long-term growth by using informed imagination to spark their next strategic growth opportunities & deliver brand innovation.


Why clients love working with us.


Fast, real-time access to cultural foresights disrupting the status quo


Our future outlooks are backed by an informed POV in your categories


Our unique fusion of capabilities gets you to gameplan—faster


We share a passionate bias for action and tangible outcomes


Your commercial realities & broader objectives are always in focus


Our senior partners are always driving & guiding your business


We build relationships through 2-way, continuous idea exchange


We get it - changing requirements, stakeholders & tight timelines are your reality


Every program is designed for maximum impact within your business & cultural context


Know-how & empathy for operating in highly regulated industries

“What's amazing is how you bridged connections & created emotional bonds between people & the brand.”
Leonardo O'Grady Director of integrated Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola
“I've seen a lot of these types of programs before - but I've not seen one that was so tangible and actionable within our industry, well done.”
Management Board Member FTSE 100 Company
“The program went beyond what we were expecting; not only did we get inspired with fresh insights - we had a fantastic bonding experience across functions that rarely get to spend much quality time together.”
Head of Innovation Taco Bell
“It's now clear to me that doing the same things we've always done in the East won't work here. You really helped me understand how we can grow with relevance while staying true to the brand.”
Zach Holtz Head of Marketing, Twisted Tea
“This learning was so rich; we would have never got to these nuggets of gold without you!”
Head of Insights Confidential Cannabis Company
“This was a WTF experience in a good way. I had no idea about the potential this would bring the business. The only reason I wanted the Safari to be over is so I could get back to work and start experimenting.”
Head of Product Development FTSE 100 Company
“Last night at The Macallan Manor, going through a journey from Kentucky to Scotland, learning about all the aromas and elements that make up their glass was amazing. Thank you.”
Julia Ideson Building Influencer
“There's so much more clarity on what the consumer is looking for now. I've not experienced this at other companies before. It really opens up significant potential to leapfrog the competition.”
Global Head of R&D FTSE 100 Company
“The team is outstanding! I am blown away by their ability to reach consumers through innovative and powerful lifestyle campaigns.”
Andrea Cromaz Brand Director, Fernet-Branca
“Thank you for flawlessly executing an immersive cross-functional experience . . . it is the new benchmark in our business.”
Brand Innovation Lead FTSE 100 Company
“The whole program helped advance our understanding of where to play and how to win with botanicals. But the virtual workshops blew my mind. I find it hard to stay present at the best of times, but this was engaging, and the outputs were high quality.”
Head of Innovation FTSE 100 Company
“Your approach really opened my eyes - it's been a long time since we’ve been in a bakery - and the inspiration we got has applications well beyond the scope of this initiative.”
Head of Product Development FTSE 100 Company
“This allows us to put points on the board NOW and increase our relevance for competitive advantage.”
VP Strategy & Insights FTSE 100 Company
“The employer brand and culture work you're doing has inspired the HR LT, our employees & improved engagement. It's a game-changer.”
VP Talent & Engagement FTSE 100 Company


We love working with bold, ambitious leaders because we're a diverse team of problem solvers who love using fast, future-forward thinking to solve your mighty questions. And when we get to collaborate with leaders who are also compassionate and really care about the work we're doing together, we get even more fired up.
“We believe none of us is as smart as all of us working together. This unleashes the power of our collective imagination to spark our growth.”
Angelique Green Founder, CEO
The Mighty Shed Line-Up
The Mighty Shed Line-Up


We thrive on bringing our diverse strengths, perspectives, skills and experiences as individuals to impact our work every day. But it's our shared values that really create a sense of belonging and unite us as a team.

Set the new
Use the
the ride
the lead


Disney, Harley, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Nike have more in common than the valuable roles they play in our daily lives. They all started with bold ambitions sparked in small but mighty sheds.

Our founder, Angelique Green, named our company The Mighty Shed inspired by this fundamental idea: Next big things always start small. All you need is a big, bold dream, the grit to act on it, and a mighty shed.

The Mighty Shed is where dreamers and doers unite to unleash the power of informed imagination to spark growth.