We are The Mighty Shed.
An Alternative Consultancy.

We stimulate business growth by finding where
to play & how to win with future consumers.

We're not the big guys:
we're the other guys.

We make the world make sense by anticipating new futures & cutting through the BS. A small but Mighty team of strategic AND creative thinkers that use foresights to accelerate brand innovation.

We're experts in the Altered States business.

A $3 trillion-dollar industry of health and wellness, technology, alcohol, cannabis, and functional foods & drinks.

Our Services


Anticipating the future cultural forces that unlock new places for your brand to play.

Future cultural landscape

Discover future brand opportunities by understanding which cultural forces are accelerating and why.

Local market intelligence

Uncover hyper-local insight by tapping into a community of culture makers and gathering on-the-ground data to reveal upcoming market shifts before they happen.

Cultural & innovation safaris

Spot new opportunities for your brand with an in-market field trip that places you in the leading edge of culture & gives you an action plan within 48 hours.

Future consumer needs and personas

Understand your future consumers' needs and bring them to life as personas through visual storytelling & insightful data.

Opportunity space definition

Find the white space for your brand through bold insights and perspectives that uncover new opportunities for now and in the future.

Brand Innovation

Defining how to win by turning opportunities into ideas & action fast.

Innovation sprints

Define and refine the focus areas for your brand with highly-effective collaboration workshops that lead to actionable solutions.

Innovation collaborations

Find new inspiration & perspectives by co-creating with a curation of cultural influencers & subject matter experts closest to your brand.

New product strategies

Identify the key success criteria to win and create a unique perspective, grounded in insights, to create a winning product strategy.

Product propositions & concepts

Define your future offering to your target consumer in a language they understand through powerful propositions and concepts.

Brand incubator

Experiment like a start-up by leveraging our first-hand knowledge of creating and launching new brands & products.

Communication & brand platforms

Give your brand long-term meaning & relevance with robust strategic platforms built to withstand the future forces of change.