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FTSE 100 Company: Insight-informed Innovation

How Might We...

How Might We...

Inspire a cross-functional team of experts to think beyond the short-term and the obvious?


Our client team of cross-functional experts needed some fresh inspiration to drive future innovation. In a business context, focussed more on today than tomorrow - we were challenged to take the team out into the wild to experience new things that help them think differently.


We started by curating an immersive Safari that took the diverse team to the leading edge of culture through four guided journeys around Central London.

Each tour was designed to deliver a multi-dimensional experience, bringing a specific innovation driver to life through interaction, tailored stimulus, thought starters and facilitated conversation, providing a new perspective on their home city.

All the stimulus and thinking gathered in the wild was then brought into a facilitated ideation sprint, with the same attendees, that inspired over 300 rough ideas. And all of this in just 48 hours.


Nothing beats getting out from behind a desk and onto the streets to garner lightning-fast, effective inspiration and spark creativity in everyone!


  • 300+ ideas beyond the boundaries of previous thinking
  • A new benchmark for ideation

Client Quote

Thank you for flawlessly executing an immersive cross-functional experience...it is the new benchmark in our business.

Brand Innovation Lead