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FTSE 100 Company: Innovation Capabilities

How Might We...

How Might We...

Inspire a cross-functional team of experts to think beyond the short-term and the obvious?


Our client team of cross-functional experts needed some fresh inspiration to drive future innovation. In a business context, focussed more on today than tomorrow - we were challenged to take the team out into the wild to experience new things that help them think differently.


With the required cultural impact of this brief in mind, we needed to start with an Innovation Audit to identify strengths and opportunities across strategy, culture, ideas & delivery - being sure to interview all key stakeholders and dependant functions.

Next, we engaged the stakeholders in shaping solutions that drove detailed plans for jump-starting their new approach (and ensured these gained support from cross-functional contributors and the executive board).

We quickly transitioned into programme implementation, from generating category-specific global foresights (cultural, science, technology) - to consumer opportunity definition - to ideation - to finally, prioritisation.

By the end of the program, we collaborated with over 100 contributors to develop robust 5-year product pipelines across their three priority categories.

FTSE 100 Company: Innovation Capabilities


Cultural change requires winning hearts and minds. And to achieve this, understanding the needs and motivations of all key stakeholders is critical to success.


  • Shaped a Management board-level innovation strategy
  • Created 12 innovation platforms and 18 consumer-validated product concepts
  • Refined five-year product innovation pipelines across 3 categories
  • Embedded & established best practice innovation across all key functions (programme now in its 3rd year)

Client Quote

There's so much more clarity on what the consumer is looking for now. I've not experienced this at other companies before. It really opens up significant potential to leapfrog the competition.

Global Head of R&D