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The Macallan

How Might We...

How Might We...

Attract first-time whisky drinkers to an intimidating category and help them find new ways to become The Macallan's loyal fans for life?


Whisky can be daunting with its bamboozling number of characteristics driven by region, styles and unique wood finishes that can scare some people off. But our client knew that if we could educate first-time drinkers on the rich history of the craft that goes into every bottle of The Macallan, they'd be able to win fans for life.


Inspired by The Macallan Estates distillery tasting experiences that showcase the whisky's journey from acorn to glass, we reimagined their educational tasting brief as an 'edutaining' and immersive experience by creating The Macallan Manor.

The Macallan Manor national campaign transformed historic, old-world manors across the United States into unique places to enjoy first-class yet relatable and demystifying tasting experiences. Invite-only guests journeyed through four immersive worlds inside the Manor, each bringing The Macallan's unique whisky expressions to life through immersive set design, guided storytelling and interactive multi-sensory experiments exploring each of the five senses.

A night at The Macallan Manor rewarded first-time whisky drinkers' curiosity through an immersive exploration of accessible sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the multidimensional characteristics of the liquid.


The key to converting new consumers lies in defining the sweet spot between what makes your brand authentic and what consumers find exciting. By creating The Macallan Manor with its four 'edutaining' worlds, we expanded the possibilities for first-time whisky drinkers to discover, enjoy, and make a meaningful connection with the brand by translating the unique characteristics of the liquid into experiences that made a lasting impression.


  • 6,300+ Tastings with hand-selected, first-time US whisky drinkers
  • 97% Conversion Rate
  • 2.6M Brand Impressions

Client Quote

Last night at The Macallan Manor, going through a journey from Kentucky to Scotland, learning about all the aromas and elements that make up their glass was amazing. Thank you, @usmacallan for the wonderful experience!!!! #themacallan #themacallanmanor.

Julia Ideson Building, Influencer