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Taco Bell

How Might We...

How Might We...

Create a fast-food beverage portfolio that sparks as much passion as their food?


Our client was frustrated because partner relationships and contracts constrained beverage innovation. What they longed for was fully realising the 'Live Mas' brand purpose and moving their beverage portfolio 'Beyond Basic'.


We needed to gather a wide variety of stimulus and learn from experts who loved the brand to explore all of the different meanings behind 'Live Mas' and discover future flavour and ingredient inspiration.

We tapped into the brand's 'fringe-to-mainstream' community to do it, with a diverse audience of mixologists, chefs, and food scientists, as well as visiting the Bodegas and Farmers' Markets of Los Angeles.

Two co-creation sessions in different locations — a Tiki Bar to get into the mindset of their adult consumers and the San Diego Children's Museum to see the brand as Tweens do — helped us push 'Beyond Basic' carbonated soft drinks to explore all dimensions of the brand.


To win hearts, minds, and tastebuds requires brands to get closer to their consumers and take the time to discover new meanings through their eyes. This will help you challenge your assumptions and the status quo, enabling you to truly explore all the ways in for your brand, creating a rich space for innovation that will lead to new pathways to growth.


  • Defined 6 ownable innovation opportunities
  • Quickly generated distinctive and disruptive product ideas, filling their innovation pipeline with 36 beverage concepts
  • Insights and concepts informed the launch of two own-brand properties: Frozé and Taco Bell Cantina

Client Quote

The program went beyond what we were expecting; not only did we get inspired with fresh insights - we had a fantastic bonding experience across functions that rarely get to spend much quality time together.

Head of Innovation