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Fortune 500 Company: Actionable Foresights

How Might We...

How Might We...

Future-proof a $12B business with a diverse portfolio of brands in a dynamic market, with leaders too distracted by today to focus on tomorrow?


Our big challenge in a big business was to get them to think about tomorrow. But they didn't know how to slow down for long enough to make time to do it. They needed a spark of inspiration, innovation and strategy to identify future growth opportunities and ensure their brands maintained relevance with future consumers. We had to make the future tangible so they could act on it today.


We needed to get senior stakeholders' attention, so we created a tangible 7-year consumer view, highlighting two growth opportunities focused on sustainability and convenience. To ensure we stretched our thinking, we gathered real-world insights from leading experts in their field as we visited circular living experts, explored the future of retail, and ran a Think Tank with experience design specialists.

We needed to ensure the client could 'act on it today', so we collaborated with their existing consumers through rapid prototyping to create product and experience concepts relevant to our core audience.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it," said Peter Drucker, but most brands are so focused on the now that they cannot look up and see what's coming down the road.

Making time to look to the future gives brands a new perspective. Winning brands unlock competitive advantage by acting on it today and engaging with today's consumers to stay relevant and take a progressive approach to brand building.


  • United multiple functions around an actionable foresights plan
  • 9 brand growth platforms
  • Cultural relevance for a diverse portfolio of brands through a new portfolio strategy and a five-year innovation pipeline

Client Quote

I've seen a lot of these types of programmes before - but I've not seen one that was so tangible & actionable within our industry; well done.

Management Board Member