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Confidential Cannabis Company

How Might We...

How Might We...

Define relevant and meaningful innovation opportunities in the fast-evolving Cannabis category?


As more US states embrace Cannabis legalisation, consumers continue to explore a broad range of products, making brand loyalty elusive. Our client wanted to understand the spectrum of unmet needs and drivers of choice to advance their category strategy and ultimately define disruptive innovation opportunities that would win the hearts and minds of mainstream Cannabis consumers.


We uncovered consumers' hidden and unmet needs by conducting a series of consumer interviews to understand consumers' needs and preferences concerning their current repertoire of products. These insights helped us uncover insightful gaps within their repertoire and develop consumer-generated 'ideal' products that fit their needs and lifestyles.

We combined these richly detailed consumer insights with our market landscape, Cannabis brand audit and cultural immersion to build a complete view of future innovation opportunities, which became powerful and inspiring springboards for product ideation.

Confidential Cannabis Company
Confidential Cannabis Company


Disruptive innovation must go beyond problem-solving and ideation on known needs to interpret and envision new meanings for products consumers don't know they want yet — but when they see them, they want nothing else. To get there, you must first dig deeper into consumers' hidden needs. This research helps you uncover the personal mental models that silently shape consumers' product choices, revealing the profound significance of their preferences, which can serve as a pathway to breakthrough innovation.


  • Informed a shift in category strategy
  • Defined 6 innovation opportunities, 8 hidden/unmet needs, and 17 product propositions
  • Refined and prioritised product innovation opportunities post consumer testing

Client Quote

This learning was so rich; we would have never got to these nuggets of gold without you!

Head of Insights, Confidential Cannabis Company