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How Might We...

How Might We...

Bring 'Open Happiness' to life in the brand's most intimate touchpoint - packaging?


When the CEO challenged the packaging team to make their most personal brand touchpoint a symbol of their 'Open Happiness' promise. Beyond engineering solutions, they didn't know where to start. So they asked if we can help.


We reframed the brief to reimagine how packaging might unlock the brand promise and started with a deep dive into what 'Open Happiness' meant in different cultures. After visiting six cities worldwide, we gathered the insights which informed our 'Togetherness Platform.'

We created multiple idea springboards for our Innovation Sprints, with over a thousand packaging examples for inspiration, as we led Insights, R&D, and partner agencies through an immersive brand world, megatrends and shopping exercises to stimulate and activate the brand promise.


How do you create a cultural movement around something as simple as a lid? Because this touchpoint was the moment of truth for Coca-Cola's brand promise, where 'Open Happiness' had the most meaning for consumers. Finding this sweet spot, whether it's an occasion, a moment or an opening of a can, is the unlock to innovation and connection.


  • Created idea springboards for brand activation with 200+ 'opening' ideas
  • United multiple functions, brand owners and partner agencies
  • Inspired campaigns: 'Friendly Twist', 'Sharing Can' and '2nd Life', earning 60M+ media impressions and winning Clio, The One Club, The One Show, and Cannes Gold Lion awards.

Client Quote

What's amazing is how you bridged connections and created emotional bonds between people and the brand.

Leonardo O'Grady, Director of Integrated Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola