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Red Bull

How Might We...

How Might We...

Drive sustained brand growth and competitiveness by being a catalyst for cultural and community connections?


To keep Red Bull at the forefront of culture, our client wanted to ensure they connected genuinely and organically to their varied audience across the US with a specific focus on the South East. We needed to find new ways to deliver a global voice with a local accent.


To bring new relevance to the brand, we carefully curated multiple communities of culture-makers across the South East US. This collective represented the cultures driving the brand in each region, providing valuable insights and ideas for keeping the brand connected to its existing and new audiences.

This unique and varied community across music, art, sports, gaming, and esports has enabled our team to execute collaborations and co-creation projects that result in word-of-mouth-worthy programming like product exclusives, engaging content, and live activations.

A sample of our projects includes reimagining gaming for millennials with the help of visual artist Rising Red Lotus and celebrating Atlanta's place in hip-hop history with a music festival kick-off that paid homage and saw appearances from many ATL greats. We have also amplified creative voices during one of the biggest nights of the year - The Superbowl, and created a web series of interviews with nightlife industry professionals and creatives to get to the heart of what the industry needed coming out of the pandemic.


In an ever-evolving global marketplace, maintaining local market relevance through cultural connections helps you adapt to diverse cultural nuances and preferences, building trust and credibility. Continued commitment ensures competitiveness by fostering a deeper emotional connection with your new and existing audiences.


  • 30+ programs launched bolstering cultural relevance