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FTSE 100 Company: Botanical Innovation

How Might We...

How Might We...

Understand the meaning and potential of botanicals around the world to unlock category differentiation and leadership?


Our client, a global brand and innovation team, discovered botanical ingredients had the potential to differentiate their brand's product portfolio. But, they didn't know whether consumers would be interested. And if so, could their brand stretch to expand into botanicals?


To answer these questions globally, we needed to uncover consumer understanding, needs and usage contexts to find the best way to leverage ancient cultures and modern interpretations to drive meaningful innovation. So we went into the wild to gather diverse cultural perspectives on the meaning of botanical ingredients, from fringe to mainstream, through a series of Cultural Innovation Safaris in Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, Milan, and Portland, Oregon.

We translated the rich insights and 100+ emerging signals of botanical innovation gathered on Safari into five potential botanical platforms for innovation. These platforms served as the foundations for facilitated cross-functional sprints to envision future products.

We then turned the sprint outputs into consumer-ready research concepts, which we put through an iterative, multi-method research program. From the winning platform that generated unprecedented interest, resonance, and appeal within the category, we developed an innovation roadmap and briefs for R&D.

FTSE 100 Company: Botanical Innovation
FTSE 100 Company: Botanical Innovation


It pays to explore both the fringes and the mainstream to uncover deep, valuable consumer understanding. This approach lets you build a winning global platform from rich and diverse local insights and perspectives.


  • Re-articulated brand proposition, innovation roadmap & product development briefs for R&D
  • A new destination for botanical-inspired products designed to maximise the brand's growth potential and achieve market leadership ahead of the competition

Client Quote

The whole program helped advance our understanding of where to play and how to win with botanicals. But the virtual workshops blew my mind. I find it hard to stay present at the best of times, but this was engaging, and the outputs were high quality.

Head of Innovation