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Uncorking a new era of wine-collecting communities

Digital fine wine community Crurated launches an immersive metaverse for passionate wine collectors

What is this about?

Crurated's metaverse brings a social twist for wine lovers - a digital space where you can show off your wine collection, dive into its backstory, and tour people through your virtual cellar. Blockchain technology ensures each bottle is authenticated, offering both exclusivity and peace of mind to collectors in this new digital domain.

Screenshot of Curated metaverse

Why is it interesting?

Crurated's platform is an intriguing venture for those looking to explore and collect wine within virtual communities. By blending reality with new digital realms, they are a signal of our Future Code WonderWorlds and its opportunity to create 'New To World Experiences'.

So What?

Using NFTs to create immersive worlds opens new avenues for communities to gather around shared passions. It's more than just authenticated ownership; it's about establishing spaces where like-minded people can connect.

Digital platforms powered by blockchain help break down the physical barriers to sharing, allowing people to own, showcase, and enjoy their passions wherever their located in the world.

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