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Turn Your Chores into Scores

Sweep into a world where cleaning meets gaming with 'Spatial Vacuuming'.

What is this about?

With over 20 million views on 'X', solo app developer Daniel Beauchamp has created an XR app that gamifies the household chore of vacuuming.

Screenshot from the Spatial Vacuuming app.

Why is it interesting?

This phygital approach bridges the gap between a mundane task and a fun, rewarding experience. It's not just about cleaning; it's about experiencing chores in an entirely new and satisfying way. Either enjoy beating your score or know you've covered every inch.

'Spatial Vacuuming' reflects our FutureCode, WonderWorlds, where we seamlessly blend reality with new digital realms, creating an opportunity to 'Elevate the Everyday' with tech-sessible experiences that overcome barriers to adoption.

So What?

Mundane tasks are the key to happiness! Well, maybe not on their own, but technology can help people overcome the barriers of doing such tasks by adding entertainment to the experience. This addition can unlock the benefits of doing chores, such as being a source of pride and allowing brands to make people feel good by doing good.

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