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The Sopranos gets Tailored for Tiktok

HBO celebrates 25 years of The Sopranos with 25 seconds of every episode on TikTok

What is this about?

The Sopranos' 25th-anniversary has been celebrated with numerous festivities, including a ritzy reunion at Da Nico Ristorante, but what sparked our imagination was HBO's 25-second TikTok edits that condensed 86 hours of content into just 36 minutes!

Hand holding phone with Sopranos Tiktok profile

Why is it interesting?

As attention spans continue to go down and the number of brands fighting for our attention continues to go up, HBO has cleverly piqued the curiosity of contemporary fandom by producing bite-sized "salutes" to the show. This approach plays to our Future Code "Zenjoyment" and its opportunity to create "Nowstalgia" (i.e. emotional connections tied by current culture & rituals to past memories).

So What?

Consumers are exhausted from the overload of stimuli that competes for their limited mental real estate. If brands want to pierce through the “noise” and earn their spot in someone's heart and mind, they'll need to retrofit “nostalgia” to be more relevant with “the now”.

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