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The Shifting States of Wellbeing Report

Shifting head space from one state to another might just bring the antidote to one of the most significant challenges of our time - mental & emotional stress.

In this chapter, we look at how brands & consumers are addressing that challenge in THE SHIFTING STATE OF HAPPINESS


Consumers are actively searching for & experimenting with new ways to find happiness.

And they are experimenting more than ever, from food & beverage products with short & long-term mood- boosting effects and curated music playlists set to happy-inducing frequencies to guided digital therapy & science-back digital content.

It's a land of opportunity for brands right now to join in and experiment with how they too can provide more happiness, whether it's enhancing existing products, rituals & experiences or creating completely new ones.

Brand Innovation Opportunities


by providing heightened experiences or creating new product formats, or using new active ingredients that enhance the efficacy.


by making bolder product claims that deliver science-backed effects of increasing serotonin release & improved happiness.

Access new audiences

through new formats, rituals and experiences.

Short-term Innovation

by enhancing existing products to create better-for-you offerings that still deliver the same taste & satisfaction.

Cultural relevance

by getting closer to shifts in culture and consumer behaviour from alcohol consumption and microdosing to the interest in the science of the gut-brain axis.

Highly regulated markets

like cannabis and psychedelics that are opening up new innovation pathways both in the short & long-term.

Mighty Questions In This Chapter

Good Mood Food

Will we soon be able to boost our mood on demand through what we consume?

Microdose of Happy

Could this new format & ritual become a lifestyle choice in its own right?

NextGen Alcohol

Can a new breed of alcohol alternatives provide a buzz with added benefits?

Shroom Boom

Is there any stopping it, and is there anything they can't do?

Taboo Actives

How far will consumers push into the extreme in their pursuit of happiness?

Press Play on Happy

How can we reverse the tide & make content a force for good?

We explore all of these questions in 'The Shifting States of Happiness', looking at the data signals of now, the brands already making moves and the science & technology unlocking this new future.

And most importantly, we'll ask, 'so what?' and take a leap into the near, mid & far to imagine what this future might look like for brands.

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