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The Shifting States of Wellbeing Report

Shifting head space from one state to another might just bring the antidote to one of the most significant challenges of our time - mental & emotional stress.

In this chapter, we look at how brands & consumers are addressing that challenge in THE SHIFTING STATE OF ENERGY


We've been boosting our bodies at the expense of our minds for too long, constantly fuelling our bodies with caffeine and sugar.

But it's time for a change. Consumers now want sustainable and natural forms of energy without crashes to meet and sustain the different energy levels they require throughout the day.

This creates exciting opportunities for brands to explore new products, rituals, and experiences that stimulate different energy modes from morning to night.

Brand Innovation Opportunities


leverage the often underestimated power of scent, now proven to be a highly effective method to make instant emotional connections.


look to science and technology to inspire more convenient solutions that meet consumers' precise energy level needs throughout the day.


imagine how new technologies might elevate your brand's sensory experience to set your brand apart by directly and precisely stimulating the mind and body.

Enhanced Efficacy

thanks to increased measurement & tracking of effects, it will allow brands to improve the experience and deliver more significant benefits.

Access new audiences

focus on improving brain health & mental wellbeing through product and experience innovation.

Short-term Innovation

look for new opportunities across emerging ingredient combinations, doses, formats, occasions, and rituals.

Cultural relevance

understand and adapt to Gen Z and Alpha consumers' evolving format, ingredient, and ritual preferences to remain influential and appealing to this increasingly important demographic.

Mighty Questions In This Chapter

We Need More Calm

Can brands improve global wellbeing by delivering more convenient forms of calm in response to the rising levels of anxiety and stress?


Is the end of caffeine as we know it approaching as consumers seek natural, adaptable, and side-effect-free energy boosts to replace the one-size-fits-all approach of coffee and sugar-filled energy drinks?

My Morning Routine

Consumers are shifting away from the one-size-fits-all morning routines to explore mind and body-boosting products that cater to their individual needs. But will these new options ever be as tasty and convenient as a simple piece of toast?

Sleep is the Answer

Despite the awareness of sleep's vital role in overall wellbeing, consumers still aren't getting enough of it. As the sleep deprivation epidemic grows, many turn to digital technology to get a good night's sleep. But the question remains: will it be effective?

Make Scents

Will making scents become the next wave of sensational product and experience innovation?

In 'The Shifting States of Energy', we examine the current signals, brands that are already taking action, and the science and technology unlocking future opportunities.

Most importantly, we address the question of "so what?" and explore the near, mid, and far future to envision what might lie ahead.

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