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The Shifting States of Wellbeing Report

Shifting our head space from one state to another might just bring the antidote to one of the most significant challenges of our time - mental & emotional stress

In this chapter, we look at how brands & consumers address that challenge in THE SHIFTING STATE OF CONNECTION


We're all hardwired to crave connection. But, actually achieving it has become increasingly challenging in today's modern world.

The good news is we're witnessing a revolution in how we connect as advances in science and technology uncover new ways to reconnect with ourselves and others. These include biohacking our bodies to optimise performance, merging the digital and physical worlds to create new communities, and embracing once-taboo substances like cannabis and psychedelics.

For brands, this revolution presents exciting opportunities to experiment, play, and co-create with tools, ultimately leading to competitive advantage through improved connection.

Brand Innovation Opportunities


look to real-time data to provide consumers with exactly what they need at any given moment and anticipate their future needs.


Reimagine services that better connect consumers to themselves, their communities, and your brand.


Leverage leading science & technology to generate insights, recommendations, and reassurance.

Collaboration & Partnerships

Create a holistic wellbeing offer by connecting to consumers' lifestyles and the brands, products, and services they use.

Enhanced Efficacy

Focus on technologies that enhance measurement and tracking of effects to improve the consumer experience and deliver greater benefits.

Build New Audiences

Blend online and offline worlds to create unique, engaging, and entertaining experiences to connect with consumers and build communities.

Short-term Innovation

Consistently experiment and co-create with consumers to connect with culture.

Highly Regulated Markets

Continue tracking emerging cannabis and psychedelics consumer behaviour and prepare to participate or respond to potential impacts on your category.

Mighty Questions In This Chapter

Biohack Your Future

With mind-bending innovations like digital implants and ingestible sensors on the horizon, we're on the brink of accessing high-quality brain data like never before. Just how far will this unleash human potential?

Sex Talk

New entrants are leading the way to the next sexual revolution, promoting deeper connections with ourselves and our partners through indulgent pleasure without stigma, shame, or guilt. Will this bring sex talk into the mainstream?

Luxury Mind Escapes

Luxury psychedelic retreats are on the rise, catering to those seeking a deeper connection with themselves. Will this emerging trend eventually help us find new ways to escape and reconnect?

The Productivity Zone

With distractions constantly getting in the way of the task at hand, will advances in science and technology help us 'get in the zone' as quickly as flicking a switch?

Socialising Cannabis

A new wave of US consumers who don't fit the weed stereotype are now interested in enjoying cannabis in more places with more people. Will cannabis-infused beverages pave the way for total normalisation?

Blended Community

People are collaborating with each other, brands, and technology to find more inclusive, impactful, and entertaining ways to connect. Will this mixed reality community lead to a better society for all?

In 'The Shifting States of Connection', we examine the current signals, brands that are already taking action, and the science and technology unlocking future opportunities.

Most importantly, we address the question of "so what?" and explore the near, mid, and far future to envision what might lie ahead.

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