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The Future of Brand Loyalty

Swifties could inspire a mutually rewarding, new brand-fan dynamic.

What is this about?

Taylor Swift's fanbase, known as "Swifties", have [jokingly] explored the possibility of organizing a "fan union", where they earn a share of revenue from streams and merchandise sales, as well as a say in creative, artistic, and even romantic direction.

In doing so, they've laid-out what the future of brand and consumer relationships might look like.

Taylor Swift Fan Union logo

Why is it interesting?

We live in a world where brands are rallying behind the idea of co-creating with the community. However, consumers are not profiting from participation and brands show no signs of shifting from “free fan love” to “paid fan labor”. For example, the fan-powered murdered by Grimace TikTok trend, helped increase McDonalds' revenue by 14%, but that didn't translate to any consumer benefit.

As we see positive sentiment towards organized labor on the rise, brands should leverage our Future Code, WeTopia, and its opportunity for brands to invest, build, and participate in communities that empower creators, earn loyalty, and share in economic gains.

So What?

In this future, brands must ask themselves how they can go beyond a surface level relationship with consumers. Those that crack this code will win the hearts and minds of consumers, investors, and even governments.

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