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Super Wings

Cresco's Super Bowl THC-infused buffalo wing sauce.

What is this about?

Cresco Labs launches THC-infused buffalo wing sauce in collaboration with The Fifty/50, a sports bar known for its wings. Each jar of sauce is infused with 100mg of THC to cover 20-24 wings. That's a steady dosage level of 3-5mg per wing to ensure that people can enjoy the game in a new way but with the same spicy taste they love.

An indoor cannabis grow room.

Why is it interesting?

With 123.7 million Americans watching, a Super Bowl party is a sacred ritual. But not all want the alcohol buzz, so this collaboration breaks down taboos and gives people more ways to enjoy the experience. It demonstrates how cannabis is reaching new audiences by leveraging new occasions, remixing traditions and making everyday foods more enjoyable.

It's a great example of our Future Code, EuphoriaVille and the opportunity for brands in Mind Altering Rituals, showcasing how previously taboo active ingredients might unlock new opportunities.

So What?

Let's normalise cannabis as a way to celebrate big occasions. Celebrations offer a perfect excuse to escape the everyday, let go and enjoy yourself in any way you choose. These big occasions provide opportunities to test, trial and penetrate mainstream audiences, offering new forms of pleasure that will enrich our lives.

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