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Rock On and Blaze Up

State Champs' "Outta My Head" Exclusive Cannabis Strain Signals the Rise of Sensory-Focused Brand Partnerships.

What is this about?

State Champs, the pop-punk band, is sparking excitement with the launch of their cannabis strain, "Outta My Head", inspired by a track from their latest album, "Kings of the New Age". Showcasing a sweet and cakey flavour profile with blissfully carefree effects, it is being released in conjunction with the album itself.

Promotional shot of the State Champs cannabis strain packaging.

Why is it interesting?

Cannabis is known to enhance music perception by activating parts of the brain that handle sound, making music seem louder and blending instrument-vocal distinctions. Certain compounds in cannabis attach to specific receptors in the brain, and the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) further sharpens sensory experiences, intensifying the impact of cannabis while listening to music.

By utilising cannabis to amplify the sensory experience, it fits within our Future Code, EuphoriaVille, and its opportunity space, Mind Altering Rituals, where we monitor and consider how previously taboo active ingredients might unlock new opportunities.

So What?

Expanding beyond music, integrating cannabis into a range of activities promises exclusive products crafted to elevate focus, relaxation, and overall well-being. This presents novel engagement opportunities for brands that can reshape the way we engage in traditional activities by offering new dimensions of enjoyment and fulfillment.

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