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Skip the Gym and take a Pill

Tricking the body into exercise without lifting a finger.

What is this about?

A recent study by the University of Florida introduced a drug called SLU-PP-332 that mimics the effects of exercise. The drug has shown promising results in inducing weight loss and enhancing muscle activity in obese mice without any changes in their diet or physical activity. It tricks the body's muscles into thinking that they are undergoing vigorous exercise, thereby speeding up metabolism and boosting endurance.

A hand holding two brown pills

Why is it interesting?

Unlike current treatments that target appetite suppression, SLU-PP-332 boosts natural metabolic pathways associated with exercise. This approach has the potential to offer a new solution in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and muscle deterioration.

By tapping into our Future Code Wellthy Living, the University of Florida showcases the opportunity to use Alternative Actives that leverage emerging science-informed ingredients.

So What?

This new frontier in medical treatment is revolutionising health and wellness practices, especially in older generations. The ease of use in pill form makes it more user-friendly and widely accessible for those in need. As consumers look for more quick-fix solutions to holistic wellness, brands must formulate solutions that are tailored to their expectations of convenience.

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