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Reducing Risk through Pleasure

Dr. Who saves lives by airing episodes on Christmas

What is this about?

Dr Who is a British TV programme with the Guinness World Record for longest running sci-fi show. Since 1963, they have shown 31 Christmas specials. A doctor at the University of Birmingham has conducted a study proving that these Christmas episodes are a public health intervention, dropping the number of deaths when the show airs.

Dr. Who promotional image

Why is it interesting?

The Dr. Who episodes brought down death rates by giving people something to gather round in a safe environment, prevent them to taking up more risky pursuits. Our Future Code Wellthy Living highlights Sustainable Wellbeing where brands design every product to enhance piece of mind.

So What?

The results of this study show us that brands can create risk aversion through pleasure. If something as innocent as a Christmas special can reduce deaths, what else can brands do to deliver big impact with small effort?

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