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Produce and conduct music from behind the wheel

Mercedes and Will.i.am convert driving behavior into music.

What is this about?

Mercedes-Benz and Will.I.Am redefine the in-car audio journey with MBUX Sound Drive, a technology that effortlessly transforms driving actions into mesmerizing soundscapes. Now, the driver takes on the role of composer while the car becomes the instrument.

Will.i.am and Mercedes-Benz on stage.

Why is it interesting?

By merging the dynamics between car and driver, Mercedes and Will.I.Am unlock new layers of interaction where ordinary driving transcends into extraordinary musical compositions.

This activation is related to our Future Code OptiMe. And its opportunity to be 'Be of Service' by delivering real-time personal touches.

So What?

Products should not just be about ferrying passengers from points A to B. Instead, they should empower consumers to embark on a journey from points A to Z. By putting decision-making into the consumer's hands, they can now unlock and co-create a deeper level of brand engagement.

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