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Pebble Redefining Exploration

Discover the art of mindful wandering with TERRA, a screen-free navigational device that turns ordinary walks into screen-free adventures, merging the physical with the digital.

What is this about?

TERRA, a navigational tool by Modem Works and Panter & Tourron, is a pebble-like device designed for screen-free exploration that fits comfortably in your hand. It features a minimal interface with compass arrows and petroglyph-like icons. Its primary purpose is to encourage screen-free, mindful exploration, guiding users through personalised yet unpredictable paths that enhance their connection with their surroundings.

Why is it interesting?

TERRA emphasises the journey itself. It allows users to set parameters for their walk and describe the duration and points of interest. Once the walk begins, TERRA takes over, guiding with subtle haptic feedback and keeping the route a mystery. This approach fosters a sense of adventure and encourages users to engage more deeply with the environment, free from the distractions of screens and notifications.

This plays into our Future Code Zenjoyment and the opportunity of The Comfort Zone—finding new ways to enhance indulgence in everyday rituals.

So What?

TERRA represents a shift in technology usage, where tech-enabled products are focused on promoting anti-tech lifestyles. Rather than giving the consumer all the features they can eat in one device, TERRA focuses on one thing and does it well—using technology to connect back to nature through an enriching experience and present engagement, helping consumers rediscover intuition and spontaneity.

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