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The Migthy Shed Reviews

OURA Ring is a tech wearable device designed to be discreet but powerful in monitoring your health.


Founded by Petter Lahtela, Kari Kivela, and Markku Koskela in 2013. Oura Health has been praised for it's innovation in the wearable electronics field.


Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon starts at $299 (£238) for a silver finish or $449 (£357) for gold.

In addition, there is a monthly membership fee of $5.99 (£4.77) a month but the first month is free.


Oura raised £100m Seed funding from investors The Chernin Group, Elysian Park & Temasek. They have an ongoing partnership with the NBA to help players, coaches and staff understand their health. To date they have sold over 1 million rings.