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The Migthy Shed Reviews

OHMG Water. Relaxation. Canned. A sparkling drink containing 60mg of magnesium (equivalent to an avocado) that promotes better sleep and eases stress and anxiety.


10 years ago OHMG found there was a massive need for Magnesium to help people with stress, anxiety and troubled sleep. The problem was, magnesium supplements were not seen as ‘sexy’ or truly accessible. That is where OHMG Water was created, they infused the Magnesium with pure water, in an amazing range of pure Still and Sparkling Waters.


OHMG Sparkling Magnesium Water infused with fruit extracts, flavours and botanicals 330ml - Variety Pack of 12 - £23.99


Sleep is multi-dimensional and incredibly personal, which makes solutions challenging to find. As we look to the future, we can see many brand collaborations emerging thanks to data sharing between consumables & wearable technology. It will enable hyper-personalised solutions targeting the specific needs of getting to sleep, enjoying quality sleep, and revitalising waking up. Discover more about the opportunity in 'Sleep is the Answer' in our report - The Shifting States of Wellbeing.


OHMG Water has experienced remarkable success, with reported sales figures reaching millions of units annually, reflecting its growing popularity among consumers worldwide.


OHMG Water has earned an outstanding reputation on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Customers praise its refreshing taste, purity, and commitment to sustainability.