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No More Dead Bugs in Lipstick

Unilever's cosmetics brand, Hourglass, goes all-in on making vegan products.

What is this about?

Hourglass recently transitioned its entire colour cosmetics and skincare portfolio to vegan, with a focus on reformulating its red lipstick to eliminate carmine—an ingredient derived from crushed female cochineal insects.

Hourglass assorted lipsticks.

Why is it interesting?

Sometimes doing the right thing is difficult but rewarding; that's why Unilever invested significant time to answer a troubling question - Why are we still using dead bugs in our red colouring?

The solution comes in the form of 'Red 0', a fully vegan ingredient that's set to remove 18-20% of all beauty products that contain carmine. The best part is, Unilever plans to open source their method in just a few years. This action by the company aligns with our Future Code Regeneration Nation, and its opportunity to minimise ingredients, stay all natural & maximise transparency.

So What?

The decision to go vegan and open-source demonstrates a commitment to industry-wide progress and planetary benefit. And by doing so, Unilever has set a precedent for collaborative and sustainable approaches in-and-out of the cosmetics industry.

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