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A Rebellion is Brewing

Muschicraft brews the world's most illegal beer in a fight for equal rights

What is this about?

Mushicraft's new ale is intentionally breaking laws from over 50 countries around the world - simply because women made it.

In over one-third of countries worldwide, women are legally prohibited from doing the things men are allowed to do. So, in response, Muschicraft (translation "Pussy Power") is launching The Most Illegal Beer on International Women's Day 2024; sales of the beer will raise money to support Women For Women International, a global organization that fights for gender equality.

Promo image for Mushicraft's new ale, The Most Illegal Beer

Why is it interesting?

Despite improvements in human rights, there are still many shortcomings with laws that impose limitations on freedom and opportunity. Mushicraft recognises this and is making it its mission to act on the deficiencies that most affect its community. This action is reflective of our Future Code WeTopia and its opportunity, 'Inclusivity DNA', a space where brands can become positive activists for social change.

So What?

Winning brands embed products with genuine purpose. By doing so, they capture the hearts and minds of consumers while shifting purchases from solely transactional to profoundly transformative.

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