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Money Can Buy You Love

Score by Neon Money Club is a dating app for those looking to invest in love.

What is this about?

The app requires a healthy credit score for registration, with no star sign compatibility in sight! It is designed to give users with a healthy credit score an opportunity to find the perfect partner for love by matching them with other financially responsible individuals.

Score by Neon Money Club is a dating app banner.

Why is it interesting?

Traditionally, mentioning financial wellness on first dates is considered off-limits, but Score breaks the taboo and puts the conversation front and centre. It may help remove the awkwardness and bring more sensibility to an important topic, especially when a 2023 survey found that 64% of couples admit to being 'financially incompatible'.

It's a good example of our Future Code, Joyning - and the opportunity space - Niche Match-making - where we look to build intimate, spontaneous, and meaningful connections through shared interests and passions.

So What?

Logic may be the key to love. Accessing and combining multiple data points can build a fairly accurate picture of an individual's daily life, but what if our tech could also capture our intangible, deeper emotions? Could we see tech solve the rising loneliness crisis?

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