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Making Recycling More Meaningful

Miloo & Nespresso have created the World's First E-Bike from Recycled Coffee Pods.

What is this about?

The Xplorer E-Bike has a frame and rims crafted from recycled aluminium Nespresso pods. So now you know where those pods finally go!

Xplorer E-Bike in black studio setting.

Why is it interesting?

You rarely get excited about recycling, but we did with this. Why? It's a great example of a truly sustainable brand partnership that's creating visible innovation with a product that leverages the much-loved connection of cycling and coffee. And importantly, it's of high quality, showcasing that recycling doesn't have to mean compromise.

This partnership sits within our Future Code, Regeneration Nation, presenting an opportunity to 'Close the Loop' through supply chains contributing to the circular economy.

So What?

We need to make the output of recycling more visible. Recycling is a non-negotiable for consumers, so brands need to move beyond merely sending materials off to a hidden process, never to be seen again, and create something new and of value that makes recycling more tangible and meaningful to consumers.

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