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Lowe's brings Your Dream Kitchen to Life in Minutes

Lowe's Innovation Labs developed an Apple visionOS app that enables consumers to envision and explore their dream-kitchen.

What is this about?

Step into Lowe's Style Studio and customize your kitchen with real materials, fixtures, and appliances available at Lowe's stores and online. Designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro, Lowe's Style Studio is the easiest and most immersive way to express your unique style.

Augmented Reality of Lowe's Kitchen.

Why is it interesting?

As consumers become more literate in design and spatial computing democratizes, personalization will become the norm rather than the exception.

Lowe's Style Studio is the latest example of a brand anchoring in our Future Code, Opti-Me.And its opportunity to empower choice / make it easy for consumers to express their individuality.

So What?

There is a proven cognitive bias, called "The Ikea Effect, where people place a disproportionately higher value on solutions they partially created - regardless of end result quality. By incorporating personalized decision-making in a user's journey, you not only develop more precise solutions. You also earn more loyal customers.

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