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Facing up to our screen problem

Look Up is stopped smartphones from hogging our attention.

What is this about?

Look Up is on a mission to reinvigorate and kick-start conversation. It sells items designed to blend into your home environment but hide a secret function. Its latest offering is a container disguised as a sardine tin. It holds three smartphones, keeping them out of sight but blocking all incoming signals.

A vintage-style tin labeled "LOOK UP FISH CO." holds a blue smartphone, promoting "Hang Up and Hang Out."

Why is it interesting?

Brands aren't just responsible for creating engagement with consumers, they can also create it between consumers — which we discuss in our Future Code Zenjoyments innovation opportunity — Immersive rituals, where brands create opportunities to help consumers immerse in the moment.

So What?

Technology has given us the capability to communicate with someone anywhere in the world; the global village is in full effect, but it's also become a hindrance. It's a barrier between friends. Being always connected to the world, sometimes it's good to disconnect from everyone to focus on someone.

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