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Adapting to a shifting gaming audience

Ikeas new gaming range.

What is this about?

In the past, gaming ranges have been black and 'stealth' or bright garish RGB. As gamers' demographics change, IKEA has evolved its range to better suit a wider audience. IKEA announces its latest line of gaming furniture, BRÄNNBOLL. Designed to blend in with a wide array of interiors while still giving gamers functional benefits, the collection is the best of both worlds.

Three people gaming in a cozy, colorful living room with vibrant lighting and pixelated art on the wall.

Why is it interesting?

Communal living and socialising are an integral part of being human. We want to create welcoming spaces, but this isn't always easy because of stereotypical stylings. Brands are showing us it is possible to tailor products to a functional need while also toning down elements to integrate them seamlessly into our lives. Brannboll means consumers can immerse themselves in the moment, just like in our Future Code Zenjoyment. We talk about Immersive Rituals, where brands can create opportunities to help consumers immerse themselves in the moment.

So What?

It's time to rethink traditions, especially when it comes to the home. Spaces no longer hold their traditional boundaries, such as the living room or the bedroom. Brands can play with how functional products can be and challenge our current perceptions and consumption rituals.

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