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The rising consumer shift for self-optimisation via their personal data is underway, and along with it comes the opportunity for value-enhancing hyper-personal services that will drive long-lasting brand loyalty.

It means consumers are now looking for new ways to optimise every experience through self-monitoring & adjusting and to get services they really value in exchange for their data.


There are some super exciting brands across multiple categories that are already delivering new levels of personalisation:

Nutrition Advice

Zoe offers personalised nutrition advice with a digital program and at-home test kit, assessing gut, blood fat, and blood sugar for insights to improve health, mood, and well-being.

Whisky Blend

The "Blend Your Own Whisky" program offered by Master of Malt lets customers create personalised blends using an online interface, with the final product shipped to them.

Individual Vitamins

Nourished provides personalised 3D printed vitamin supplements based on individual responses to a skin type survey and a create-your-own offer. DY

DNA Supplements

Rootine creates custom vitamin packs using customers' DNA and lifestyle data, providing targeted nutrient recommendations for personalised supplementation.

AI Cocktails

Boozy Blend uses AI to create personalised cocktail recipes based on consumers' responses to their preference selections.

So what can brands do?

Don't forget the human

Balance personal service across physical & digital to enhance the data value exchange by engaging one-on-one with consumers to access their data, e.g. Zoe offers a lifestyle quiz combined with real human advice & consultations

Offer freedom within a framework

Look to find opportunities to allow consumers to affect the experience, e.g. Master of Malt takes gifting to the next level by giving consumers the perceived freedom to create, even though it's a list of pre-selected options

Make it fit for their lifestyle

It's about optimising every experience to help consumers get what they need every time, e.g. Rootine showcases how bio-data is unlocking truly personalised products that optimise over time