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Beyond the Swipe: How 'Hulah' is Redefining Dating Apps

How Tech Can Follow Suit for Prevention-Centric Designs

What is this about?

On the dating app 'Hulah,' men must be endorsed by women to join and remain active, harnessing the power of sisterhood to filter out undesirable suitors. Women, whether single or in relationships, can join as 'ringleaders' to curate a selection of men, known as a 'fleet,' that other users can inquire about.

A promotional shot features two smartphone screens displaying profiles from Hulah

Why is it interesting?

Hulah's approach addresses the concerning statistic that 33% of dating app users aged 18-35 have faced harassment or abuse by someone they met on a dating app (BBC). The app's efficient filtering mechanism and endorsement system offer a level of quality assurance and empower women by giving them control over whom they interact. Its unique commitment to proactive safety makes it an appealing alternative to traditional dating apps.

Underscoring the need for continuous innovation to ensure user safety rather than waiting for issues to arise fits within our Future Code Joyning. And its opportunity to Be a Companion by finding IRL and digital ways to become a catalyst for social connection.

So What?

Popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge prioritise user safety through features such as photo verification, strict policies against harassment, and options for reporting suspicious activity. By using the power of sisterhood and crowd-power, women can work together to embrace a curated experience that puts the power back into their hands.

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