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Say Goodbye to Double Dipping Dilemmas

The makers of Hormel Chili Introduce Double Dippable Chips.

What is this about?

The Double Dippable Chips from Hormel Chili is a revolutionary snacking innovation designed to eliminate the double-dipping dilemma. From the brand known for producing key ingredients in America's favourite dip recipes, these circular chips feature a unique perforation down the center, allowing them to be easily split after the first dip.

A promotional display of Hormel Chili without beans, a bag of Double Dippable Chips, and a bowl of chili topped with cheese and herbs.

Why is it interesting?

Hormel's design enables consumers to enjoy two dips with one chip without worrying about social faux pas — such as the classic Seinfeld episode (S4E19) where Timmy abruptly snaps, "You double-dipped the chip!" George replies, "So?" and Timmy bursts out, "That's like putting your whole mouth in the dip! Look, when you take a chip, just take one dip and END IT!"

Hormel Chili promotes these chips as a convenient and socially acceptable solution for snack lovers who enjoy double dipping. This approach aligns with our FutureCode, EuphoriaVille, and its opportunity for Purposeful Transgression - a space where brands shine a light on liberating pleasure to create meaningful and genuine connections.

So What?

According to YouGov, 50% of Britons were willing to share food with a close friend while dining out before the pandemic. Now, that number has decreased to 41%. Conversely, those unlikely to share food rose from 33% to 41%. As people become more conscious of snacking hygiene, they're using strategies such as portioning snacks individually, using utensils, and employing condiment squeeze bottles to reduce risks.

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