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Home is Where the Health is

In-depth health screening moves from the hospital to the home

What is this about?

Viome brings complicated microbiome testing into the home. Analysis can now happen with only a simple kit, giving you a breakdown of your full body health, including oral and gut.

Viome box with a hand touching it

Why is it interesting?

Viome is democratising health by taking a process that traditionally costs a lot and is unattainable for most and bringing it right into the home. This approach aligns to our Future Code Wellthy Living and its opportunity to make products affordable and accessible for all via 'Inclusive Wellbeing'.

So What?

There is currently a sea of supplements; all telling us they can improve part of our lives. It's difficult to know which to take and why. Having a personalised screening of your full body health and a breakdown of what vitamins & minerals you are deficient in can be the knowledge that unlocks a better you.

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