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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Hismile's Cinnamon Donut Toothpaste

Adults longing for sweet indulgences drive brands to elevate daily rituals

What is this about?

A delightful departure from traditional mint flavours, Hismile's new Cinnamon Donut Toothpaste embraces the warm, comforting taste of freshly baked cinnamon donuts with every brush. Encouraging longer brushing times, this new addition satisfies cravings for indulgence alongside other popular flavours: Cotton Candy, Grape Bubblegum, Wonka Chocolate and Red Velvet.

Promotional image of HiSmile Cinnamon Donut Toothpaste tube and donuts.

Why is it interesting?

While 50% of children typically favour sweet toothpaste and are particularly influenced by flavour in establishing positive oral hygiene habits (Colgate), adults are equally craving indulgent flavours for a more fun, elevated ritualistic experience.

Evoking positive associations and enhancing the overall experience of using toothpaste fall under our Future Code EuphoriaVille and its opportunity space YOLO, where brands can make everyday pleasure fun, attainable, and guilt-free.

So What?

Brands are redefining daily rituals we dread the most by turning them into indulgent experiences. By exploring unique flavour combinations and infusing traditional products with unexpected flavours, it creates an enjoyable experience you want to do, not need to do.

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