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Protect Yourself from Ketchup Spills

Heinz launches the world's first-ever ketchup insurance policy.

What is this about?

Heinz Ketchup Insurance covers 57 common spill scenarios and manifests as a consumer benefit reward system app. Compensation ranges from home cleaning services, laundry assistance, handyman services, and even indulgent spa treatments!

Heinz Insurance claim policy with stamp

Why is it interesting?

Despite the culinary hazard associated with using ketchup, Heinz research indicates that 91% of enthusiasts firmly believe that their affection for Heinz justifies any inconvenience. To keep this relationship intact, Heinz Insurance leverages our Future Code OptiMe and its opportunity 'Be of Service' - a space where brands find new ways to deliver a hyper-personal touch.

So What?

Product pain points are an underlying reason consumers seek and transition to alternatives. Addressing and resolving potential product issues can proactively guarantee longevity.

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