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Heinz Cheesy Beanz is a Missed Opportunity

Heinz Beanz and Cathedral City Cheese have forgotten how sacred a ritual can be.

What is this about?

Few food traditions match the classic, comforting, and widely loved combo of cheese and beans, with 47% of UK consumers ranking it as a top food pairing (Heinz research).

Promotion image for Heinz Cheesy Beanz collaboration with Cathedral City Cheese

Why is it interesting?

This made waves in the UK at launch, showcasing the social power of this partnership. However, this could have gone even bigger by enhancing the ritual, not just prioritising convenience. Just imagine delving deeper into the joy, indulgence, and comfort of putting delicious cheese on hot beans (or the other way around) and watching them melt together into a mouth-watering symphony of flavours.

This chance to put more joy into the campaign highlights the importance of our Future Code, Zenjoyment and the opportunity for brands to play in 'The comfort zone', finding new ways to enhance the indulgence in everyday rituals.

So What?

Don't get too comfortable in' the comfort zone'; it has SO much brand innovation potential. Heritage and challenger brands can explore its outer edges to help them reach new audiences, move the brand into new spaces like premium, or even create unique global cultural moments. Imagine if Heinz and Cathedral City delved deeper into this rich sauce of innovation...

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