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The Migthy Shed Reviews

GOODRAYS set up by Eion Keenan in 2021 - who has been a huge advocate for the natural benefits cannabis, hemp and CBD and has been working with Prohibition Partners and Cannabis Europa to push forward regulatory changes across the globe.


With a brand promise centred around three pillars: Good Taste - award-winning flavourists and use natural ingredients,Good Quality, - rigorous testing and high quality ingredient Good Ideas Committed to becoming carbon neutral, fully sustainable, transparent in our supply chain, plastic-free packaging and all-natural.

Goodrays aims to help cannabis 'regain its rightful status as one of the most important plants in human history' with 'premium and rigorously tested cannabinoids and vitamins' combined with great flavours, in oils, drinks and gummies.

Transparent messaging - 30 x 25mg


Mixed CBD Gummies - 1 pack 30 x 25mg CBD. RRP £24.95. Claimed health benefits are reduces anxiety, improves sleep, reduces blood sugar, aids muscle recover, reduces inflammation. The cubes themselves are small and bitesize, in a robust container that you can carry around unobtrusively.

Gummies according to Goodrays research are the third most popular format with Oils/Tinctures 1st and Drinks 2nd


1491% growth over the past year, as reported by Neilsen, in the same month that the brand becomes the largest CBD range in Waitrose


We foresee a future where consumers can self-soothe wherever, whenever. Instant calm will be at their fingertips as it becomes the key metric in wellbeing and the antidote to the stresses of daily life.