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Generations Collide: 5 Generations 1 Workplace

In an era of unprecedented generational diversity, the workplace can be a catalyst for social connection.

What is this about?

There are five generations in the workplace, all managing shifts across technology, work ethics, wellbeing, socialising and the workplace itself. The mix spans a wide age range from 16-75 years old.

A study 1,000 employees conducted by LiveCareer in 2024 has revealed the positives of such an environment, with 89% seeing generational diversity in the workplace as beneficial and 87% appreciating the chance to learn from colleagues of different ages. However, there are clear tensions, with 78% of respondents acknowledging that a multigenerational workforce will also result in conflict and resentment.

Why is it interesting?

Traditionally, the workplace has been guilty of creating an 'age apartheid', with it being left to family ties to provide any generational connectivity links in our lives. And yes, there may be many differences in experience, communication styles, and technological fluency; these gaps can also pave the way for a rich exchange of ideas and skills. Understanding these dynamics is critical to leveraging the strengths of each generation.

This cross-generational approach plays into our Future Code Joyning and the opportunity to Be a Companion - finding IRL and digital ways to become a catalyst for social connection.

So What?

There's never been a better opportunity to embody inclusivity. Whether it's the workplace or your brand's audience, brands can create environments that blend the richness of diverse experiences into a cohesive and productive whole.

With the modern workplace as a model for societal cohesiveness, how might brands learn from this and help five generations connect?

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