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From Beverage Disruptor to Runway Trendsetter

White Claw returns to make waves in fashion by designing for its muse - Planet Earth

What is this about?

White Claw, a brand renowned for shaking up the hard seltzer scene, is now stepping onto the runway as a trendsetter. This shift comes after consecutive collaborations with the design atelier TOMBOGO.

During the most recent NYFW, White Claw and TOMBOGO unveiled the "CLAW Bag" - a unique accessory crafted from recycled White Claw can tabs. In December 2023, they teamed up again to quench fashion's thirst, presenting a comprehensive capsule collection of jackets, pants, and jewellery made from repurposed can tabs.

White Claw in a green bag

Why is it interesting?

White Claw and TOMBOGO's partnership drives innovation in fashion by merging functionality, future-forward style, and a commitment to the circular economy.

This nods to our FutureCode, Regeneration Nation, and its opportunity to invest in materials, supply chains, and technology that contribute to closing the loop.

So What?

The allure of this collaboration lies in its repurposing of surpluses into statement pieces that raise the conversation around design and sustainability.

Brands can inspire from White Claw & TOMBOGO by uniting and rebuilding our markets with the planet as their primary stakeholder.

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