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Flushing Alcohol Flush

Ando tackles the classic red face and racing heart.

What is this about?

Ando is a science-backed gummy that's tackling alcohol flush. Its ingredients work to help the liver process alcohol out of your system quicker, meaning no red-faced flush or racing heart rate.

Promotional image for Ando, a science-backed gummy that tackles alcohol flush.

Why is it interesting?

By using various natural compounds in combination to break down toxic acetaldehyde in the body, Ando enables people to fully enjoy alcoholic experiences they previously couldn't. Ando's product embodies our Future Code EuphoriaVille and its opportunity for Purposeful Transgression - a space where brands shine a light on liberating pleasure to create meaningful and genuine connections.

So What?

In modern life, we accept that some things are just the way they are. This isn't the case. Science & technology are constantly discovering new things - we just need to apply them in the right way.

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