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Females are Fuelling F1's Future

F1 is changing lanes thanks to global beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury

What is this about?

The all-female racing F1 Academy is doubling down on its mission to make motorsports more inclusive to women by partnering with Charlotte Tilbury, the first beauty brand partnership in F1's history.

Currently, 40% of F1 fans are female, contributing to a total 2022 season viewership of over 1.5bn. However, only 7% of drivers at the Formula level are women, and only 4% of these women compete at top levels.

Charlotte Tilbury F1 Academy Driver and Car

Why is it interesting?

Strap in tight; this partnership is a monumental moment for motorsport. It will hopefully be the catalyst for more women and more female-focused brands to enter the male-dominated sport.

The partnership reflects our Future Code WeTopia and our opportunity, Inclusivity DNA, about representing a diverse audience in your marketing activities and becoming a positive activist for social change.

So What?

There's never been a better time to disrupt age-old traditions. Innovation is at its most exciting when it can challenge conventions and be a catalyst for change. What are the traditions your brand can challenge?

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