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The Era of Fan-Domination

Harnessing the power of swarming social communities

What is this about?

Influencers and their communities are propelling brands to overnight stardom. 'Fan-domination' harnesses fan engagement to transform niche products and offerings into household names. This global phenomenon exceeds traditional communication by enabling extensive networks of niche communities to share content and opinions effortlessly, mirroring the effects of real-world word-of-mouth.

The dominance of this trend is evident in the immense popularity of products like Prime by Logan Paul and KSI and MrBeast's Feastables, both being swarmed and selling out. It also happens to local small-scale brands, albeit as fads, especially regarding Frankenstein baked goods like the Crookie, the half-baked choc chip cookie dough croissant.

Collage featuring three images: On the left, two men in vibrant sports attire holding 'Prime' drinks. In the middle, a smiling man with 'Feastables' snack bars. On the right, a tray of 'Crookie' pastries, croissants topped with cookies.

Why is it interesting?

The speed at which these brands can scale is scary, but so can their decline, with sales disappearing overnight; look at Prime right now. It showcases how smartphones act as a connection catalyst, transforming individual fans into vast communities connected through shared interests, moving from one thing to the next.

'Fan-domination' aligns with our Future Code Joyning and the opportunity space Niche Matchmaking. These online connections create new patterns and trends that shape real-world behaviours and blur the line between digital and IRL social interactions.

So What?

Brands can harness two audiences, one that behaves like a swarm of locusts, devouring all in their sight. The other is more long-term, operating like a swarm of migrating birds that will keep returning year after year.

How might your brand harness the power of migrating birds and locusts to accelerate social connection, giving user communities more ownership and a direct line to the brand that feels organic to the consumer?

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