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Dry Run: Corona Cero Will Make Olympic Waves in Paris

How Non-Alcoholic Beer is Changing the Game in Sports Sponsorship

What is this about?

The Paris 2024 Olympics naming a non-alcoholic beer, Corona Cero, as its official beer marks a significant shift in beverage sponsorships on the global stage. During a launch event in London, AB InBev CEO Michel Doukeris highlighted the rapid growth of alcohol-free beer compared to the overall beer category, emphasising its potential to broaden the beverage's reach. (Reuters).

The decision highlights a shift towards health-conscious and responsible drinking, marking the first global beer sponsorship at this level. This commitment extends to the 2026 Winter Olympic Games in Milan and the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, emphasising the importance of catering to diverse audience preferences.

Olympic promotion with a Corona Cero bottle.

Why is it interesting?

Non-alcoholic sponsorships are the new route to the masses and commercial success, as everyone can have it. Budweiser had to learn the hard way at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, with the sudden (but expected) alcohol ban impacting the $75m sponsorship.

Brands like Guinness, who led the way at this year's Six Nations tournament, show the commercial value of such a partnership, as it led to significant growth, with a 24% sales increase across Europe and dominance in the UK market. The partnership, reflecting values of tradition and unity, resonates with 90% of Six Nations fans associating Guinness with heritage. (Diageo)

The shift to non-alcoholic for the masses fits seamlessly within our Future Code, 'WeTopia' and its opportunity space within 'Inclusivity Dna' to go beyond your target and represent a diverse audience in your marketing activities by creating access and becoming a positive activist for social change.

So What?

Could beer be the new wellbeing beverage?! There are few drinks that people consume at the same volume levels of beer, so this could be an opportunity to find the goodness within the ingredients and create a more inclusive ritual to stem the decline in total beer sales.

Beyond merely eliminating alcohol, these beverages can enhance performance and aid recovery.

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