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Disrupting the Coffee Industry via The Circular Economy

Huxley repurposes the discarded skin of coffee cherries to create an upcycled energy drink.

What is this about?

Huxley utilises cascara, the discarded skin of coffee cherries, to create a line of plant-powered beverages with 90 milligrams of natural caffeine. Huxley's drinks offer the same energy boost as a cup of coffee in three fruit flavours with zero artificial ingredients. Each can is infused with 75 milligrams of L-theanine for focus and 100 milligrams of electrolytes for hydration, making Huxley an energy drink and a holistic wellness beverage.

Cascara, Coffee cherry tea - dried skins of the coffee fruit

Why is it interesting?

Huxley stands out by showcasing how upcycling can play a key role in product innovation while promoting environmental sustainability. Adding L-theanine and electrolytes further enhances the brand's offering by combining energy and wellness, catering to consumers seeking a caffeine kick and a beverage that supports their overall well-being.

This plays into our Future Code Regeneration Nation and its opportunity for 'Waste Not Want Not' - a space where brands find ways to use bi-products or those habitually 'rejected' as imperfect.

So What?

Consumers are seeking products that align with their values—sustainability, health, and ethical production. Huxley meets them at the intersection of all three, providing a more natural alternative to a traditional energy drink. Other brands should look within their supply chains, identifying and utilising overlooked resources to create more sustainable products to give them a multifaceted approach or consumer appeal.

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