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Crystal Light is Here to Clean Up Our Act

The iconic low and zero calorie powdered drink mix is serving the sober curious with its latest flavor innovation.

What is this about?

Following the lead of its consumers, Crystal Light has launched a mixology multi pack product—adding mocktail flavors to their classic powder beverage product.

With this new product, the brand now caters to consumers who've long been quietly mixing the brand's old formulations with alcohol to make their own low sugar, low calorie cocktails.

An illustration of flavours for the new Crystal Light drink mix.

Why is it interesting?

Just in time for the low/no alcohol movement, Crystal Light is poised to garner new brand entrants with the launch. Their brand can now align itself with consumers leading the way to our Future Code Wellthy Living, a future where consumers showcase their wellness & health management as the ultimate status symbol, instead of traditional wealth. The brand is expanding its ownership of clean and cleaner indulgence leveraging the opportunity to support consumers in proudly "cleaning up" their alcohol occasions.

So What?

Another way wellness-forward food & beverage brands can tap clean indulgence is to create new product lines that replace and/or offset less healthy food or beverage consumed during the same occasions they operate within currently.

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